IMC has a mission.

IMC Ingredients provide sustainble yet high quality food ingredients. 
Together with our internal control system, customers, and farmers, we help our community thrive with our 12 years of exprience in the industry. 
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Empowering more than

5000 farmers 

Giving real impact to farmers to thrive, as our commitment to the farmer's welfare has been embedded in our roots. 
Enriching communities for the future.



IMC Ingredients has begun since 2012, specialized in natural coconut sweetener and now an addition of grade-A vanilla beans.
Exported to more than 50 countries world-wide.

Why We Do It 

Our industry has dedicated to produce and promote the high quality of Indonesian coconut sweetener. It has affected millions of farmers around Central Java. 
We achieved this through our training and innitiatives to help farmers be more productive and profitable for their well-being.