Efficiency is Key to Convenience

Maximizing Time to Enhance Everyday Ease

In today’s fast-paced world, efficiency is crucial to convenience. Brands have optimized their products to save consumers time in the kitchen, offering multi-appliance cooking instructions and synchronized cooking times. As consumers experience these efficiencies, they’ll embrace new time-saving technologies like automated shopping lists and meal planning apps, making them essential daily tools.

Impact to Retailers

Retailers are enhancing the shopping experience with real-time assistance such as push notifications, personalized alerts, and AI to help consumers find products in-store, during transit, or online. Localized data can uncover opportunities for tailored vending options, addressing community needs like quick, hot meals on university campuses.

Brands and Technology

Brands are collaborating with technology providers to stay relevant in the digital environment. Marketing strategies are shifting from targeted advertisements to refined product placement, ensuring that AI, AR, and other recipe generators recommend particular brands within consumers’ customized meal plans.

Convenient and Flavorful

Time is of the essence in today’s world, especially amidst challenges like supply chain shortages. Consumers are rapidly adapting their consumption habits, prioritizing convenience without sacrificing flavor. Versatile ingredients that enhance dishes are becoming vital.

One such ingredient is our coconut sugar. Its mild caramel taste enhances existing flavors, giving your creations more character.

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Source: https://insights.mintel.com/

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