A Year of Flavor: Expo West 2024

From March 12th until the 16th, 2024, IMC Ingredients participated in the notorious natural and organic ingredients trade expo which is Expo West 2024.

Progressive Trends Found in Expo West

In contrast to previous years when products like kombucha, keto foods, or plant-based meats were groundbreaking, this year’s Expo West showcased familiar and relevant ideas to the market.

Brands are trying to enhance functional benefits, prioritizing flavor, reimagining plant-based products, catering to specific consumer segments, and exploring sustainability initiatives that have yet to be widely implemented.

Flavor is Essential

Taste is evolving each year as there are more flavors coming around the world. Better-tasting innovations have been a customer’s preference as healthier does not mean it should be less tasty. One way to elevate flavor but also promote healthier life choices is a challenge, even if ingredients are not versatile.

IMC Ingredients its Organic Coconut Sweetener that could elevate and even mask the unpleasant after-taste of certain ingredients. Its caramel-like flavor is a familiar taste and is accepted worldwide.

IMC Ingredients in Expo West

Not only Organic Coconut Sweetener, IMC Ingredients has Grade-A Bourbon Standard Vanilla Beans which could elevate flavor with its distinct aroma.

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