Tag: coconut sugar

  • Unveiling the Truth

    1 July,2023
    Non-sugar sweeteners are marketed as a sugar-free weight-loss option, but the World Health Organization advises against using them. They lack…
  • Regenerative Agriculture

    3 November,2022
    As one of the top and fully-integrated producers of coconut sugar, IMC Organic has engaged with PUR Projet to work…
  • Quality Assurance Through Responsible and Traceable Efforts

    13 July,2022
    Traceability within food control systems is applied as a tool to control food hazards, provide reliable product information and guarantee…
  • Our Agricultural Practices

    28 May,2022
    IMC recognizes that our consumers are becoming more conscious of their food sources. As such, we have adopted a traceability…
  • From Farm to Table

    11 May,2022
    Continuing from our previous episode, we will be exploring yet another fascinating aspect of our BRCGS, FairTrade and Organic certified…
  • An Introduction to IMC’s Organic Coconut Sugar

    29 April,2022
    In our latest series, we will be engaging in a deep dive into every unique aspect of IMC Organic Coconut…

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