What is Coconut Sweetener?

Organic Coconut Sweetener

As awareness of diets and climate change increases, there’s a growing interest in substituting sweeteners with healthier, environmentally sustainable options. Coconut sweetener’s unique benefits are gaining popularity worldwide, despite its long tradition in South and Southeast Asia.

Exploring every aspect of IMC organic coconut sweetener, from its history to our fully integrated BRCGS-certified production and supply chain. Discover why IMC organic coconut sweetener is the ideal sugar alternative!

The History

The Cocos Nucifera boasts a millennia-old history. Known as the “Tree of Life” and “the Tree of a Thousand Uses,” its widespread applications highlight its significance. Originating from the East Indo-Pacific, especially Indonesia, it’s the birthplace of IMC Organic Coconut Sweetener.

Image of Indra preventing Trisanku from ascending to Heaven in physical form from The Freer Ramayana. (Wikimedia Commons)
Indra prevents Trisanku from ascending to Heaven in physical form from The Freer Ramayana (Wikimedia Commons)

Making Coconut Sweetener

The production of IMC Organic Coconut Sugar is as fascinating as the myths surrounding the coconut plant itself. The sap, extracted from the buds of inflorescence where coconut flowers grow into fruit, undergoes careful tapping at IMC. This process encourages the tree to release sap without disrupting its natural production cycle and healthy growth. Through gentle heating, the sap’s moisture is reduced to form sugar granules. Importantly, all IMC Organic Coconut Sugar originates from natural sap directly extracted from coconut trees, ensuring the highest quality.

Similar to maple syrup, the coconut sap is a clear liquid that gets cooked into a brown toasty syrup without any form of additives throughout the entire process. It develops a caramel-like flavor, naturally full of vitamins and minerals. Additionally, coconut sweetener also contains a fiber called Inulin, which slows glucose absorption. This explains its low glycemic index property, making IMC Organic Coconut Sugar the perfect alternative with its clear health advantages over many other forms of sugar.

We will be going through our meticulous process which allows us to bring this sustainable product to the world.

IMC Organic Coconut Sweetener is proudly certified by USDA Organic and EU Organic, FairTrade, and BRCGS.

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