Coconut Sweetener in Beer: Experiment with Natural Ingredients

The sweetener that could elevate a perfect brew.

Is coconut sweetener the ingredient that you have been missing out on to create a unique brew?

What coconut sweetener does it do to beer?

Coconut sweetener gives a noticeable caramel flavor and brownish color to a batch of beer.

As coconut sweetener has a distinct taste, unlike sucrose, one experiment on pale lager gives a hint of caramel while it is hardly noticeable for some. Generally, most recommend dark bases work well with caramel notes from the coconut sweetener.

What type of beers could be perfect for coconut sweetener?

Overall, Stouts, Porter, and brown ale are in the comfort zone. As mentioned, some prefer dark bases. Particularly IPAs, hefeweizens, witbiers, and Berliner Weisse are lighter, with another flavor such as a fruity or citrusy adding more depth to the taste profile.

How IMC ‘s coconut sweetener could be your solution

Whereas consistency and quality have been the main focus for IMC Ingredients. Our coconut sweetener is selected by thorough selection and undergoes a structured system to ensure safety and meet the industry’s expectations.

Therefore, IMC focuses on continuous development in creating quality sweeteners. Our sweetener is
an Indonesian heritage and perfected with an advanced system to achieve consistency.

Explore our coconut sweetener page for more information.

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